Almost every chiropractor could talk to you about what they didn't learn at school. What many of us are now concerned about is that many students are now barely learning about chiropractic.

There are 3 parts to this wonderful profession; the Science, Art and Philosophy. If any one of these drops off, then you no longer have chiropractic as it is defined. The biggest problem we face is that too many now believe that the Philosophy has no role to play. 

We are here to change that.

Use the MAP FINDER to locate a dedicated chiropractor, either close to your school, or perhaps in your hometown, or even where you might be heading on holiday. 

Make direct contact with them and clearly discuss with them what you would like to learn from them. Perhaps you might just want to observe and see the practice in action. Maybe you want to talk specific technique issues. A really important topic is practice management, so remember to ask questions about that too. The philosophy of chiropractic will always come up, but look at it also from the perspective of how to integrate it into your practice. How you talk, what you say, what you do, and how you serve will reflect all of this. 

Remember that we are here to help you, but expect a degree of professionalism on your part. To this end, clarify dates and starting times. Ask if there a dress code in the practice. Be punctual and courteous. 

If any problems or issues arise during your visit or time together, please contact us directly using the contact form. 

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