We have an obligation to uphold what we know Chiropractic to be. We cannot do this by relaxing in our practices and hoping that someone else will do it for us. That time, if it ever existed, is long gone. 

You may have long thought, but what can I actually do? That's where the ChiroAlliance comes in. We've identified a buffet of possibilities that you can choose from to support students. There is no compulsory minimum or maximum input on your behalf. Obviously the more the better. The one absolute is that you must make yourself freely available should a student approach you to learn. 

For those who live close to colleges, the likelihood is that you may be asked relatively frequently by students for advice. For the rest who live further afield, perhaps very infrequent. The latter group we would therefore encourage to look at sponsorship of students to appropriate seminars, and to encourage other colleagues to do the same.

If you take a look at the Student page, you'll see our guidelines for students in their interaction with you. Obviously the details are entirely in your hands, however should you for any reason have any questions, or difficulties, please contact us so that we can find a resolution and prevent it from happening with other student / DC interactions.