your service to the profession and humanity

Vitalistic chiropractic is a valid, time honoured means of working with innate intelligence. 
​Allopathic medicine having ignored the healing capability of the body for too long, is finally waking up to the fact that healing starts from within. Above, Down, Inside, Out.

To deny this, or to reduce any healing art to the theoretical treatment of pain, is a disservice to humanity, and is no reflection of the values and philosophy of the ChiroAlliance. 

The ChiroAlliance was formed to provide ongoing face to face menTORing of chiropractic students from ALL schools, and especially from those schools identified as mechanistic. This network of like-minded chiropracTORs also avails itself to any student who may wish to spend some time in their chiropractic practice, observing the continual interplay of chiropractic intention and Innate.

​We are currently exploring ways to generate funds from the profession that would be used by students to attend Vitalistic Chiropractic seminars and conferences. If you have any suggestions please forward them through the contact page. 

We also aim to provide a centralised registry for seminars, speakers, tutors and conferences that reflect the ideals of vitalistic chiropractic. If you are organizing a new or recurrent event and would like to have it listed in our MAP FINDER, please contact us directly through the contact page

If you have come across this page through referral, by accident, or by intention and would like to be involved, in the first instance please look to our MAP FINDER page and identify a current member of our group in your area / country. Or you can send a message via email, and we will respond as quickly as possible.