By joining this referral service of professional colleagues, I affirm that:

1. My primary focus in practice is to locate and correct vertebral subluxations. I do this to enhance human potential and so that innate intelligence be maximally expressed in each of us.

2. I refer patients to other professionals who ascribe to the above philosophy. I do not base my referrals on how long appointment times are, the techniques used, open/closed adjusting rooms, or the use/non-use of adjunctive therapies. I only judge my chiropractic colleagues based on their delivery of the ChiropracTIC message and the effect they are having on their communities.

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SUBMIT : will take you to a screen with a confirmation message. I aim to upload your details within a day or so, please check your EMAIL as I will send you an upload confirmation email asking you to check your listing accuracy. 


Please ensure your contact details function internationally with a Google Map search. If you're unsure, please check before you click Submit. Any non-latin letters or symbols in your address will often not be mapped. Please simplify if this applies. Spanish addresses are the worst!  

If you prefer your email not to be listed, let me know in the 'Message' section.  

If multiple DCs at one practice, just add their names in the 'Message' section. No need to sent multiple forms